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  • Muhammad, Z., Brown, P.W., Babazau, L., Alkhamis, A.I., Goni, B.W., Nggada, H.A., Mbaya, K.M., Wray, S., Marte, I.H., Karch, C. and Serpell, L., & Mahmoud B. Maina*. Generation of an induced pluripotent stem cell line from a healthy adult indigenous Nigerian participant. bioRxiv, pp.2023-07. doi: (direct link)
  • Isah, M.B., Muhammad, Z., Lawan, M.M., Alkhamis, A.I., Goni, B.W., Oakley, S.S., Marshall, K.E., Hartig, R., Raouf, I.S., Yoshimatsu, T. and Chagas, A.M., & Mahmoud B. Maina*. Setting Up A State-Of-The-Art Laboratory In Resource Limited Settings: A Case Study Of The Biomedical Science Research And Training Centre In Northeast Nigeria. AfricArXiv. (direct link)

Selected Publications

  • Kwairanga Hamidu, S., Ahmad, U., Abdulazeez, R., …… Maina, M.B* . Simple models for neuroscience research discoveries: how often are these models used in Africa? [version 1; peer review: 1 approved with reservations]. Mol. Psychol. 2023, 2:20 ( (direct link)
  • Mahmoud B. Maina, Youssra K. Al-Hilaly and Louise C. Serpell. Dityrosine cross-linking and its potential roles in Alzheimer’s disease. Front Neurosci. 2023; 17: 1132670 (direct link)
  • Mengham, K., Al-Hilaly, Y., Oakley, S., Kasbi, K., Maina, M.B. and Serpell, L.C., 2022. Shapeshifting tau: from intrinsically disordered to paired-helical filaments. Essays in Biochemistry, 66(7), pp.1001-1011 (direct link)
  • Maina, M.B., Al-Hilaly, Y.K., Oakley, S., Burra, G., Khanon, T., Biasetti, L., Mengham, K., Marshall, K., Harrington, C.R., Wischik, C.M. and Serpell, L.C., 2022. Dityrosine cross-links are present in Alzheimer’s disease-derived tau oligomers and paired helical filaments (PHF) which promotes the stability of the PHF-core tau (297-391) in vitro. Journal of Molecular Biology, p.167785 (direct link)
  • Kirsten A Donald*, Mahmoud Bukar Maina*, Nilesh Patel, Carine Nguemeni, Wael Mohammed, Amina Abubakar, Matthew Brown, Raliza Stoyanova, Andrew Welchman, Natasha Walker, Alexis Willett, Symon M Kariuki, Anthony Figaji, Dan J. Stein, Amadi O. Ihunwo, William Daniels, Charles R. Newton. Science Forum: What is next in African neuroscience? eLife 11:e80488.* Corresponding authors. (direct link).
  • Lewis, F.W., Bird, K., Navarro, J.-P., Fallah, R.E., Brandel, J., Hubscher-Bruder, V., Tsatsanis, A., Duce, J.A., Tétard, D., Bourne, S.,
    Maina, M.B and Pienaar, I.S. Synthesis, physicochemical characterization and neuroprotective evaluation of novel 1-hydroxypyrazin-2(1H)-one iron chelators in an in vitro cell model of Parkinson’s disease. Dalton Transactions, 51 (direct link)
  • Devonport, J., Bodnár, N., McGown, A., Bukar Maina, M., Serpell, L.C., Kállay, C., Spencer, J. and Kostakis, G.E., 2021. Salpyran: A Cu (II) Selective Chelator with Therapeutic Potential. Inorganic Chemistry, 60(20), pp.15310-15320. (direct link)
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  • Maina MB, Al-Hilaly YK, Burra G, Rickard JE, Harrington CR, Wischik CM, Serpell LC. Oxidative Stress Conditions Result in Trapping of PHF-Core Tau (297–391) Intermediates. Cells, 2021; 10(3):703. (direct link)
  • Burra, G., Maina, M.B., Serpell, L.C. and Thakur, A.K. Nucleation-dependent aggregation kinetics of Yeast Sup35 fragment GNNQQNY. Journal of Molecular Biology, 433(3), p.166732. (direct link)
  • Oakley, S., Maina, M.B., Marshall, K.E., Al-Hilaly, Y.K., Harrington, C.R., Wischik, C.M. and Serpell, L.C. Tau Filament Self-Assembly and Structure: Tau as a Therapeutic Target. Frontiers in Neurology, 11(1207). (direct link).
  • Al-Hilaly, Y.K., Maina, M.B., Abdul-Sada, A. and Serpell, L. Dityrosine Crossed-linked Amyloid-like Fibrils as Bionanomaterials. Iraqi Journal of Nanotechnology, (1), pp.22-34. (direct link)
  • Maina, M.B., Burra, G., Al-Hilaly, Y.K., Mengham, K., Fennell, K. and Serpell, L.C. Metal catalysed and UV oxidation results in trapped amyloid-β intermediates revealing that self-assembly is required for Aβ-induced cytotoxicity. iScience, p.101537. (direct link)
  • Vadukul, D.M., Maina, M.B, Franklin, H., Nardecchia, A., Serpell, L.C. and Marshall, K.E. Internalisation and toxicity of amyloid‐β 1‐42 are influenced by its conformation and assembly state rather than size. FEBS Letters, 594(21), pp.3490-3503. (direct link)
  • Baden, T., M. B. Maina, A. Maia Chagas, Y. G. Mohammed, T. O. Auer, A. Silbering, L. von Tobel, M. Pertin, R. Hartig, J. Aleksic, I. Akinrinade, M. A. Awadelkareem, A. Koumoundourou, A. Jones, F. Arieti, A. Beale, D. Münch, S. C. Salek, S. Yusuf and L. L. Prieto-Godino “TReND in Africa: Toward a Truly Global (Neuro)science Community.” Neuron, 107(3), pp.412-416. (direct link)
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  • Maina M. B., Al-Hilaly YK, Serpell LC. Nuclear Tau and Its Potential Role in Alzheimer’s disease. Biomolecules, 6(1):9. (direct link)
2012 and earlier
  • Maina, M.B., Mahdi, O. and Kalayi, G.D. Craniofacial forms among three dominant ethnic groups of Gombe State, Nigeria. International Journal of Morphology, 30(1), pp.211-216. (direct link)
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  • Maina, M.B., Garba, S.H. and Jacks, T.W. Histological evaluation of the rats testis following administration of a herbal tea mixture. Journal of Pharmacology and Toxicology3, pp.464-70. (direct link)

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